Google Flight Cheap flight deal: New York to Los Angeles

If you are planning to travel to Los Angeles, Then this post is definitely for you. We have got a cheap flight from Google flights for this route. We are going to tell you about this deal. How can you get it? What exactly are the dates for it? Moreover, how you can get it. So, stay put, read ahead, and you will land yourself a low-cost flight trip from New York to Los Angeles. 

How you get this flight deal in Google flights? 

Now, we have got your attention, let’s get straight to steps for getting this deal. First Go to Google flights official site. On the site, you can see the  search interface. Type New York in the departure city option clicks on search.  You may think where is log angels, Do not worry, we are getting there. 

Upon clicking it, Now It will show you various locations. However, since we want to fly to New York, and The September deal, we need to Modify search. 

Go the Dates; There you can see the option to choose either flexible dates or Specific dates. Select Flexible dates and then Choose the month ‘September.’ One week vacation would be excellent. Hit on Done. The list will get updated with a fresh one. Here Los Angeles will be on the top. When you see it, There are two main you need to notice. First is the date, which is going to be between 28 September And Five October 2019. 

The Price for Trip is less than $150, whereas the standard airfare would be around $250. So it’s a good deal. Click on it. Then on the next page, you can see the three flights name. Again Choose ‘View Flights’ Option. 

Here You will the names of the airlines. There are spirit airlines reservations, Jet Blue airlines reservations nad Alaska airlines reservations. Choose any of them at your preferences.  Select the airlines; then On the next page, Google flights will redirect you to the respective site for Booking tickets.  We are sure you enjoy this trip provided by Google flights. 

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Hi, my name is Sarena Gomez. I am always traveling these flights and get a discount on every travel. If you want to travel these flights and offers to visit this site Google Flights and make your journey comfortable.

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