Google flights Track Flights and Prices

There are various features in Google flights making it a unique flight search site. You can book a hotel, search for a package, and Explore Cheap airfare deals for Various destinations. In this post, we are going to describe you how to enable price tracking, then how to disable it. You should also know about Price insight, whether it’s low or high. However, there is a reason for enabling price tracking; we are going to explain it as well. 

How to Enable track prices for a flight or Route

So, now, we will begin the process. First Go to google flights Official site. Their First select you are going for a Round trip on single or a multi City trip.  Then Change the number of passengers. Select the class. There are Four classes in Google flights, Economy, premium economy, Business, and First class. 

Enter the departure city name from where you are going to take the flight, then In arrival city, where you are going. 

Choose the dates, now Click on search. Here you can see the list of every flight for the route. Enable track prices. Now You are going to receive updates from Google whenever there is a surge in the airfares. However, please do not assume that you are receiving a low fare; it will be the same after a few days. Fares Changes rapidly. So, you might want to book early. 

What is the benefit of it? 

The Biggest advantage of tracking a price in google flights is to get instant low fare information. When you want to book a flight, You naturally want to save some money along the way. This is the best way of gettu=ing the. When you want to track the latest airfares for multi-city, This is a way of understanding how it will affect your travel budget. 

How to delete tracked prices in Google flights? 

Once you have completed your Journey, You wanted to delete those price tracking notification. Go to Google flights, then click on the three-line in the left. In the option, Choose the last one. There will be a list of All flights which had enabled for track prices. 

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